Breast Implants NashvilleLiposuction, Tummy TucksDr Medling provides eyelid surgery, ear surgery, nose surgery and anti wrinkle treatments.Dr Medling provides a variety of body reconstructions at his surgery in Nasville, TN.

Plastic Surgery Nashville

Located in the heart of Middle Tennessee, Dr. Brad Medling is a plastic surgeon who is focused on providing the very best that modern plastic surgery has to offer.

Based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Dr. Medling is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with focused training in both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. He conducts his surgery in a way which is entirely sympathetic to the individual needs and desires of his patients.

We understand that making the decision to undergo treatment of any kind can be one which takes thought and consideration. It is because we maintain a constant dialogue with our patients, from initial consultation, through to post operative care, that we are able to gain an in-depth, sensitive understanding of the needs and requirements of every individual. We know that no two patients are the same and that each has their own personal preferences and sensitivities which need to be considered.

We want to make your experience one which is comfortable, confidential, and ultimately successful. We will always discuss with you at length the options which are available to you to achieve your desired outcome.

Plastic Surgury Nashville TN
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is a discipline which focuses on the composition of the body, in order to enhance the appearance, or minimize deformity which may have occurred as a result of congenital, traumatic, or disease processes.  Whether you are hoping to achieve a cosmetic enhancement, from breast enlargement to a tummy tuck, we can assist you in overcoming your issues with a range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.

We hope that you will take a moment to browse through the pages of our website and view some of the treatments that we have to offer.



Plastic Surgery Nashville TN

For any further information about the surgeries or treatments we offer, or to arrange an informal consultation about the options available to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our helpful team will do their best to assist you with any of your questions.