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Breast Reconstruction

Mastectomies are sometimes the only suitable option for women suffering from breast cancer. In the case of a mastectomy, reconstruction may be achieved through a process of several plastic surgery techniques.

Breast reconstruction serves to not only restore the appearance of the breast, but can also help reinstate the sense of having a normal physical composition and symmetry. After having reconstruction performed on a singular breast, it may also be desirable to have the other breast treated, with options to lift, augment or reduce the size in accordance to the newly constructed breast.

Most importantly, through the process of breast reconstruction, a woman’s sense of femininity and confidence need not be lost after having one or both breasts removed.

Breast reconstruction is a very popular choice amongst women who have gone through a mastectomy, however, the results of treatment can vary. A reconstructed breast will not necessarily have the same sensation and feel as the original breast and there will often be visible scars from the original mastectomy or following reconstruction.

At Dr Medling’s Plastic Surgery Center, every effort is made to ensure the greatest degree of success from treatment and to minimise any visible signs of surgery, where possible.