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Breast Surgery

Every woman feels differently about the look, feel, size and shape of their own breasts.

Equally, each woman will have a different personal preference concerning the breast form.

While some desire nothing more than to possess a pair of large, volumous breasts, others prefer the idea of smaller, shapely examples of the feminine form.
Our range of breast surgery procedures includes:

Ultimately the size and shape of your breasts is determined by the amount of breast tissue and fat within the underlying layers of the breast. Age, pregnancy, genetics, and skin elasticity will all contribute to the change and development of their overall condition, causing them to potentially develop unevenness in size, become increasingly saggy or lose shape. These variations in size and shape are common and they occur in many women.

Breast surgery is here to provide you with the benefit of increased confidence and comfort, while maintaining an overwhelmingly natural appearance, enabling you to both look and feel your best.

For procedures relating to the breast, a routine mammogram is usually undertaken prior to surgery, required for females who are thirty years of age and above. This is conducted to rule out any abnormality that might be occurring within the breast.

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