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Burn Reconstruction

Burning which leaves damage and scarring can be a traumatic, painful and debilitating experience. Burn reconstruction can help to reinstate function, comfort, and appearance through the correct and careful application of plastic surgery.

Due to the sensitive nature of burns treatment, it is important that there is a close and sympathetic relationship maintained between patient and doctor, so that an honest dialogue can be upheld.

This is especially important for the patient to feel that they are given an accurate and realistic expectation of the treatment outcomes and an understanding of how best to undertake treatment, which can involve lengthy and intricate procedural plans.

Burn reconstruction can help to treat a variety of conditions resulting from burns including scarring, loss of parts of the body and a change in colour and texture of the skin.

There will inevitably involve a period of time in which the wounds need to heal, as a result of burns and subsequent treatment process of scar formation may also be an issue for attention at a later stage.

As with all reconstructive surgeries, the nature of the condition will determine the length and involvement of the treatment and at all times throughout the process, the team at Dr Brad Medling’s practice will ensure that your experience is as harmonious and comfortable as possible.