Breast Implants NashvilleLiposuction, Tummy TucksDr Medling provides eyelid surgery, ear surgery, nose surgery and anti wrinkle treatments.Dr Medling provides a variety of body reconstructions at his surgery in Nasville, TN.

Our Philosophy

In order for your treatment to achieve its potential level of success, it is important that there is a suitable level of understanding gained about the procedures in question, a trusting relationship built and most importantly, desired results achieved. There a number of ways we ensure this.

We gain the greatest level of understanding of your concerns and goals

We do this by maintaining a healthy and honest dialogue with you. Once discussed we plan how to best achieve those aims while ensuring the greatest degree of comfort for you.

We ensure you have realistic expectations for your aesthetic or reconstructive enhancement

Whether you desire aesthetic or reconstructive treatment, it is important that you are given an accurate and realistic expectation of the outcome during your first consultation. This allows us to advise you with confidence on the range of options you might have and also gives you the opportunity to adjust to the idea of what changes will occur to your body. Expectation beyond the reality of what is achievable is something which we strive to avoid, as we want to ensure that you feel satisfied and prepared for the results of your surgery.

We will provide a comfortable environment

We understand this can be a stressful time and every member of our staff is here to ensure that your needs are addressed from the very beginning.

We maintain a holistic approach to our surgery

This means that we can ensure the most accurate and comprehensive care and expertise, is made available to you – both physically and psychologically. Our correspondence and consultation with a range of health professionals includes working with other departments, including the likes of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology and General Surgery departments, who deal with the treatment of breast cancer. We also maintain a routine consultation with the department of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine for the treatment of birth defects in children.