Breast Implants NashvilleLiposuction, Tummy TucksDr Medling provides eyelid surgery, ear surgery, nose surgery and anti wrinkle treatments.Dr Medling provides a variety of body reconstructions at his surgery in Nasville, TN.

Our Practice

Based in the heart of the Murfreesboro Medical Clinic, Dr. Brad Medling’s plastic surgery center has the facilities at hand to ensure a rapid, accurate diagnosis of your condition.

This is combined with comprehensive laboratory and radiological services that are provided within the wider areas of the Clinic.

The added benefit of maintaining an in-house diagnostic service means that external involvement is not usually required and as such your condition and care is kept confidential and convenient.

Our practice is here to ensure that you are kept comfortable

Throughout your time with us you can use our facilities including television and reading materials to keep you entertained during your stay to ensure maximum relaxation.

We boast minimal waiting times, as part of our ongoing efforts to run an effective and efficient practice. As such, our appointment policy and schedule are focused on allocating the necessary time to see each patient, without the need to rush and with absolute thoroughness and attention paid to personal detail. By ensuring that the correct times are catered for in the beginning, we can continue to keep our practice running smoothly and, in doing so, minimise the wait for you.

For optimum patient convenience, many reconstructive and cosmetic procedures can be performed in the Murfreesboro Clinic’s ‘SurgiCenter’, or in the office

The Murfreesboro Medical Clinic SurgiCenter is licensed by the State of Tennessee and offers patients the convenience, comfort, confidentiality, and personal attention that is welcome when outpatient surgery is an option. In addition to serving as active staff at Middle Tennessee Medical Center, Dr. Medling performs surgery at the Middle Tennessee Ambulatory Surgery Center for your convenience.

All procedures are carried out with the utmost care and professionalism and those treatments that warrant the use of anaesthesia, are administered by a fully certified Anesthesiologist MD, for your ease and peace of mind.