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Will I be able to claim the cost of my treatment on my insurance?
Cosmetic surgery is generally not covered by insurance, with costs being incurred from surgeon’s fees, surgical facility and anaesthesia costs and potentially, medications, surgical garments and private-duty nursing. Reconstructive surgery can be covered by insurance either completely or in part.

Is liposuction a permanent answer to weight loss?
No. It is important that the individual makes attempts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, consisting of a balanced diet and regular exercise. However, liposuction does serve to remove an over concentration of fat cells in specific areas of the body and so can assist in reducing the concentration of fat in those areas. The remaining fat cells are still able to increase in size and as such, the ability to gain weight still exists.

Are there any risks in receiving liposuction or tummy tuck treatment?
As with any surgery, liposuction is not entirely without risk. The main areas of consideration in undergoing liposuction, as well as numerous other procedures include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Poor or prolonged healing
  • Reaction to anaesthesia
  • Blood clotting

Am I suitable for breast treatment?
Our first point of advice to those women who wish to undergo a breast procedure is to carefully consider their motivation for doing so. Essentially, it must come down to a personal desire to alter the size or shape of the breasts, for reasons that are inherent to their own sense of confidence and happiness of themselves. Breast procedures are not something that should be undertaken lightly, and as such, the reasons behind doing so should be clear.

The main candidates for breast procedures are generally women who:

  • Have developed an unevenness in the size of their breasts
  • Feel overwhelmingly dissatisfied with their size
  • Have lost a large amount of weight, and therefore breast volume and firmness
  • Have experienced a change in shape or size, following pregnancy

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