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Facial Reconstruction

Injuries resulting from trauma and injury, sustained through accident, illnesses such as cancer and surgery are unfortunate but not uncommon, causing physical and mental discomfort to the individual involved.

Facial reconstruction is an area of plastic surgery that can assist in reinstating the structure and composition in one of the body’s most important aesthetic elements.

Specific methods of approaching the treatment will depend on the nature and severity of the specific case, with varying levels of complexity involved, depending on the need for skin grafting, soft or hard tissue repair and scar treatment.

Depending on the extent of the reconstruction required, the treatment plan may span over several separate procedures and be undertaken in stages to achieve the end result.

A combination of surgeries may be needed to correct damage of disfigurement to the eyes, ears or other areas of the face.

At Dr Brad Medling’s plastic surgery center, the wealth of treatments available, combined with the consistency in approaching each case with due care and attention, means that you can be reassured of the highest level of care.

Your initial consultation with Dr Medling will involve a thorough discussion of the options available and the most suitable approach to achieving the most elegant solution to the treatment.