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Hand Surgery

Injury, deformity or weakness in the hands can be frustrating and debilitating to those people suffering from a range of conditions. Luckily, through the treatments available in today’s plastic surgery, there are a number of ways in which to overcome impairment and improve on condition.

The treatment of hand conditions is a delicate one and one which must be carried out with due care and expertise, in order for the most successful outcome to be achieved.

At Dr Brad Medling’s plastic surgery center, there are a number of options available to treat various afflictions of the hands.

Throughout any surgery undertaken within the practice, your needs and comfort are placed in the utmost degree of importance. Any proposed treatment will be discussed with you at length, to ensure your full awareness and understanding of the processes involved, as well as the extent and nature of the proposed procedure.

Once treatment has begun, your complete comfort must be maintained and each member of staff at the practice is here to ensure that this is the case.

Hand surgery can help to overcome the issues of pain, strength, function, flexibility and ultimately, freedom.

Our range of hand surgery procedures includes treatment for:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Pain, tingling, numbness, aching and weakness are all symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome that are caused by pressure to the nerve within the wrist – known anatomically as the ‘carpal tunnel’. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is commonly associated with repetitive motion or strain, fluid retention in pregnant women, injury or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Hand Fractures – Fracturing can occur to both the fingers and longer bones within the hand from falling, becoming crushed, twisted or after strenuous impact. The immediate symptoms of a fractured hand will generally include swelling, tenderness and can result in deformity. Although in many instances, fractures can be treated without the need for surgical application; there may be a need to treat more extensively damaged hands with wires, screws or plates, all of which require incision.
  • Tendon Injuries – Injury to the tendons can often be the result of cut to the hand, which can result in a loss of ability to bend or straighten the finger. Tendons may also become torn, creating a similarly debilitating condition. Surgery to the hands can be administered to help remedy the situation, but is best conducted swiftly after injury, if the best chance of success is to be achieved. Surgery will generally involve the sewing together of the cut tendon, after which rest and specialist therapy will be advised.
  • Ganglions – Ganglion cysts develop as a tumor or swelling, which can be experienced in varying degrees of size and consistency. Although not necessarily harmful, ganglions are considered unpleasant and can cause self consciousness, discomfort and embarrassment in the individual. Some treatment for ganglions can be administered without a need for surgery and even conducted as a topical treatment at home, however, where more obstructive, painful or restrictive cysts have developed, surgery may be the best option in the removal of the condition. This is a relatively simple and swift process that effectively overcomes the problem.