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Labiaplasty is the treatment of the area around and including the woman’s labia.

What might have been previously considered a subject of shame and embarrassment is now a treatment that has been conducted on a multitude of different women, all of whom have experienced a range of physical and emotional problems concerning their genitalia.

Common problems requiring the labiaplasty treatment include:

  • Painful and uncomfortable intercourse resulting in loss of sexual activity
  • Distortion and disfigurement from childbirth
  • Rubbing of the labia on clothing, causing discomfort and friction
  • Embarrassment and self awareness of protruding labia

Labiaplasty is a relatively simple and easily executed procedure, which serves to reduce and reshape the size and position of the inner vaginal lips.
During the surgery, a small section of excess tissue is removed and the labia re-shaped to provide an even shape.

This procedure can be completed as a simple outpatient procedure and the use of dissolvable stiches means that repeated treatment to have stitches removed is not necessary.