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Otoplasty (Ears)

Overly large or protruding ears can be a cause for great dissatisfaction in personal appearance, leaving those people affected with an inherent level of self-consciousness.

Otoplasty is the treatment of the ears, which makes changes to the appearance and positioning of the ears and can be used to bring them closer to the head, for increased cosmetic satisfaction and self confidence.

Pinning the ears back, so that they lie in a more neutral and complimentary position against the head, is a relatively straightforward procedure, which can provide an elegant solution to the problem. This treatment can be completed on children as young as six as well as adults of all ages.

Reshaping or removal of some of the cartilage behind the ear, allows the ear to be repositioned and the nature of the procedure disguises any visible scarring within the ears natural creases.

After surgery, the ears are covered with a dressing that is removed after 4 – 5 days. A supporting head band is worn over night for the following four weeks to prevent damage to the surgery while the ears heal.