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Digital X-Ray

Dr Brad Medling uses the latest in modern radiographic technology with the digital x-ray.

Digital radiography is the process of conducting x-ray through digital means, in comparison to the more traditional form of photographic film.

The major benefits of digital x-ray come in the increased efficiency, reduced time span, reduction in the levels of radiation exposure and an enhanced ability to assess and diagnose the area of the body being treated.

The loss of the traditional film means that there is no need for the use of toxic or harmful processing chemicals and the digital image capture device is used to record the x-ray image as a file which can be saved and assessed at the doctors and patients convenience. In addition, the ability to view the recorded imagery on a computer screen, allows for enlargement of the area and a far greater degree of accuracy in the initial assessment period. As a result of the immediate image capture and the lack of processing times, the digital x-ray also provides the added benefit of instant preview and diagnosis.

In-House MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is a process of image recording that allows for the simple and safe examination of your tissue and body. The MRI scan has been used within medicine for over 20 years, with safety and success. MRI is a non – invasive technique that enables us to generate detailed anatomical visualisation of your treatment areas.

MRI differs from the more basic form of x-ray in that it can diagnose and record additional types of tissue. The additional benefits of MRI over other visual diagnostic tools such as CT, includes an increased degree of contrast resolution, and therefore allows for a higher level of differentiation between types of tissue.


Through the extended facilities available within the Murfreesboro Medical Clinic, the mammography department is able to provide high quality assessment of the breast, for a variety of treatment needs.

A mammogram is an x-ray examination of the breast, used to detect and diagnose conditions in women who may be displaying abnormalities of the breast including a lump, pain or nipple discharge.

Mammographs can also be used on those women who have no breast complaints but are in need of assessment pre-treatment.

Laboratory Facilities

Through our internal medical department at the Murfreesboro Medical Clinic, our patients and doctors can benefit from the added convenience of extensive laboratory facilities which are used by licensed laboratory personnel. The Murfreesboro Medical Clinic’s Laboratory is a moderately complex lab that is licensed by the State of Tennessee and CLIA.

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